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AMS offers merchant complete merchant account solutions to fit all business sizes and types and GUARANTEES to beat any competitor's rate quote.

From complete processing solutions to unbeatable Credit Card Processing Equipment prices AMS will not be undersold! If you find a better credit card processing rate or a better price on the same Credit Card Processing Terminal that AMS sells, simply let us know and we guarantee we will beat that price by 5%. Our Price Bust Program ensure that AMS is never undersold.

>> Important
Before shopping for a merchant account and credit card processing rates and fees, you must make sure that you are shopping for the correct merchant account for your business.
Did you know that there are two distinct types of merchant accounts with as many as 7 different sub-categories associated with each - all of which have different rates, fees, and charges?
Getting your business set-up with the correct type of merchant account and processing solution is vital to maximizing your business's profits. If you are unsure of which merchant account and processing method is best for your business please give one of our sales representatives a call toll-free. Each one of our representatives is very knowledgeable about the AMS solutions available and they will have you accepting credit cards with the best merchant account available in no time!

All AMS credit card processing solutions feature the AMS Advantage. Below are descriptions of each type of account offered as well as a link to that account's main page where you may find more detailed rates and fees as well as an application that will allow you to apply for a merchant account in a matter of minutes.

Retail Merchant Account Rates

Mail Order Merchant Account Fee

A retail merchant account has the lowest discount rates and transaction fees, but can only be utilized effectively by a business that is able to swipe at least 80% of their credit card transactions through a credit card terminal.

* Retail Discount Rates Start as Low as 1.29%
* Free Credit Card Machine Options Available

Retail Rates and Fees Page

A mail order merchant account is an account that is used by businesses that will be punching in most of their credit card transactions on the keypad of a credit card terminal. Mail order businesses typically take credit card orders over the phone, by mail, or out in the field.

* Mail Order Rates Start as Low as 1.89%
* Free Credit Card Machine Options Available

Mail Order Rates and Fees Page


Internet Merchant Account Rates

Touchtone Credit Card Processing Fees

Internet merchant accounts are used by businesses that sell products or services online and wish to accept real-time credit card payments.

* Internet Discount Rates Start as Low as 1.89%
* Free Payment Processing Gateway Options

Internet Rates and Fees Page

Touchtone credit card processing is a system that allows you to process credit cards using any touchtone telephone. Many merchant love the inexpensive portability that a touchtone account provides.

* No Expensive Equipment to Purchase
* Process Credit Cards on the Run

Telephone Processing Rates and Fees Page


Store & Forward Merchant Account Rates

Wireless Merchant Account Fees

A store and forward merchant account is an account that allows a merchant to accept credit card transactions on the go and forward them to the processor at a later time. Store and forward merchant accounts have the same low rates and fees as a retail merchant account.

* Same Low Rates as a Retail Merchant Account
* Accept Credit Cards on the Run

Store and Forward Rates and Fees Page

A wireless merchant account is an account that is used with a wireless credit card terminal such as the Lipman Nurit 8000 or Nurit 3010. A wireless account allows a merchant to accept credit cards in the field and get a real-time authorization of decline for the transaction.

* Wireless Debit Rates Starting at 1.29%
* Guaranteed Lowest Price on Equipment

Wireless Processing Rates and Fees Page

Not sure which merchant account is best for your business?
No problem! Our sales representatives are friendly and knowledgeable about all aspects of merchant processing and are standing by to assist you. Please call our sales staff toll-free