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Is your current agent or ISO program all that it could be?

Note: This page is for you if you are currently an agent for a competing bank and actively writing business. If not, please click on our affiliate link or apply link for merchant services.

AMS is one of America's largest and fastest growing Merchant Service Providers. More bank card representative and ISO's choose AMS because we offer the most competitive agent program available today. Our program helps you earn more money on you're current clients, handles clients your turning down, and gives you a greater range of products to offer. Here are just a few reasons why existing agents and ISO's prefer AMS:

  • The best solutions for your MOTO clients including: AMS Easy Pay, AMS I Store Complete and AMS Phone Charge.
  • The most robust and full featured retail agent program -- bar none.
  • No site survey needed for Internet and mail order merchants.
  • International clients accepted.
  • Your own free, full featured website that allows your customers to automatically apply online.

You owe it to yourself to earn more money on the business you are writing. Learn why more bank card agents and existing ISO's choose AMS even if it's just to handle declines and unacceptable business types. Please complete our short contact form in its entirety and we will gladly send you more information.

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