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Merchant Accounts - Better Than Pay pal Or Credit Card

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Merchant Accounts - Better Than Pay pal Or Credit Card

Merchant account offers innumerable benefits that surpass those offered by a credit card or a pay pal account. It enables you to receive payments from all sorts of credit cards. It is of great value to the businesspersons, as they can immediately process the payment of their customers. Credit card is just an alternative to cash or check that enables you to make the payment for your purchase or any other transaction that involves the exchange of money.

Credit card is basically required by almost every person who wishes to carry out the transactions without any hassles sitting in his/her own comfort zone. It is merely a form of making the payment and not the means itself. Well, talking about the pay pal account, it enables the buyers as well as sellers to exchange money for their transaction via email. Merchant accounts offer you the benefit of indulging in offline transactions as well, which is not there in case of the pay pal account. Pay pal account does not take into consideration the face to face transactions.

Pay pal can be described as the electronic version of the traditional payment system. The consumers using their credit card to access their pay pal account are required to sign up an agreement, without which they cannot ask for protection under state laws such as the Federal Fair Credit Billing Act. In case of a pay pal account, the problem faced by the consumers is attended only if it has been filed within thirty days from the date of purchase.  Merchant account enables you to obtain the money earned within 48 hours of the transaction. The payment gets automatically credited to your business checking account.

Unlike a pay pal account, there are no restrictions on the volume of sales if you maintain your own merchant account.  The merchant account ensures that the flow of cash from one account to another is not hampered in any manner. With pay pal account, you can take the orders only by accessing your company website. However, in case of a merchant account, the orders can be taken from not just the website but also from the office, factory and trade fairs and exhibitions. It can be concluded that merchant account is, in all aspects, better than the credit card or pay pal account.

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