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How to Get a Merchant Account?

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How to Get a Merchant Account?

E-commerce is the buzz word today and a lot is happening in this field. Having an e-commerce website or retail shop one needs to have a secure payment gateway and merchant accounts are the best solutions. Many customers might turn their back on you if you don’t own a merchant bank account.

Merchant account is a kind of account with a financial institution that will help in accepting credit card payments. Having a merchant account can help you in increasing your sales while assuring the customer of a secure payment gateway. They are a part of the credit card processing system. With the help of merchant accounts you can accept credit card payments instantly and the funds collected from them are deposited in your bank account instantly or the very same day. Merchant account services can be used for both small and large organizations, including home based businesses.

Merchant account services can be availed through the bank with which you already have dealings with, or get an intermediary who will get a merchant account on your behalf, if not then you can use third party service providers. Merchant accounts with banks are the safest way of processing credit card transactions as the credit card holder has direct dealings with the merchant. There are less chances of fraud and that is why the fees are also low. Getting a free online merchant account is not easy as the credit card holder, nor is his signature available at the time of processing the payment. In such a scenario, use a third party who can process credit card transactions on your behalf. With a third party merchant account, you are saved the trouble of having your own account. They will earn revenue by charging a processing fee for handling your credit card transactions. This is one of the most effective ways of processing credit card transactions as there is no membership fee and apt for small and new businesses.

One of the most renowned third party merchant service providers is www.merchant-account.com that offers many merchant accounts including internet, wireless and mail order account as well as processing units and softwares. Getting a merchant account through merchant-account.com is easy and time saving. All one has to do is fill an online application form containing information about your business and merchant account requirement. They offer 24/7 customer support with a 24 hour approval for all the applications. There are no contracts and neither any cancellation fees which makes it favorable for users. Merchant-account also has a price protection plan which covers you for 60 days. For more information on how to get a merchant account, visit www.merchant-account.com.


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