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How Merchant Account Can Save Your Money?

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How Merchant Account Can Save Your Money?

With the Internet becoming the global marketplace, the customer base for online businesses has also expanded a great deal. Merchant accounts have therefore been introduced to accept and make credit card payments online. A certain percentage of every transaction made through merchant account is therefore charged by the merchant account service provider as the fee for the services rendered by them.

The ease of accepting payments increases the customer base of an organization and thereby increases the profits that will be earned by them. It is always better to prefer an offshore merchant account over the onshore one as these are legal, and besides, the services made available by them is much better and helps you save a lot of money in the long run. Though it is possible to open a merchant account in the US, an offshore merchant account from countries in Europe, the Caribbean, and Central America is always a better option as the procedure for the transfer of money via debit or credit cards is much cheaper in this case than in an onshore merchant account in the US, which will ultimately reduce your profits. Having a merchant account, therefore, helps you save a lot of money.

Besides, the revenue earned from the debit or credit card on an offshore merchant account is treated as foreign income and is taxed at a lower rate as compared to the domestic income. Nevertheless, the security fees, holdbacks, initial costs and upfront costs are all charged higher for an onshore account. However, an onshore account is undoubtedly a necessity in case your target customers are people of your own country only. For instance, there may be a mobile company that offer its customers the facility of changing their plans or billing packages by merely signing on their website and making the required payment.

No matter which merchant account suit your requirements, whether offshore or onshore, www.merchantaccounts.co is the best merchant service provider. With an experience of over 9 years in online processing, it makes available credit card processing, superior credit card transactions, and accepts almost all major credit cards. Apart from this, www.merchantaccounts.co ensures customer satisfaction by providing the most affordable price for both after and before online transactions. The effective 24/7 support service of the customer care has a solution to all your queries and worries related to your merchant account.


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