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Get Internet Merchant Accounts with ease

An Internet merchant account can bear amazing results for a business. Once an online businessman has decided to accept credit cards, debit cards online he needs to get either a payment gateway or virtual terminal. In addition to this he/she needs apply for processing services of a bank or a merchant service provider to process the credit card transactions. A payment gateway is basically a safe online bridge that connects the merchant processing networks to the businessman’s website. The merchant uses this to carry out online credit card transactions or use it to process other payments like PayPal or electronic checks.

A virtual terminal on the other hand helps in manual transactions, as well as keeping a track on payment processed, from any computer that has an internet connection. A virtual terminal is basically a software substitute of the traditional authorization terminal and allows an online business owner virtually swipe the customer’s credit card. The business owner only requires the basic information form the customer’s credit or debit card to complete the transaction. By applying for an Internet merchant account, with a merchant service provider, you will be given a virtual terminal and all the necessary software that will make online credit card processing, easier than ever.

Now by logging onto AMS, you can browse through the reasons that make us the undisputed leader of all merchant service providers currently operating in the online industry. The unique benefits offered By Advanced Merchant Services, has helped our clients in reducing their operating costs and process payments with greater efficiency than ever before. For example, only AMS offers the Price Bust feature on its website. Using this feature you can do a quick price comparison and if you ever come across a site offering you lower prices than us, we will immediately beat it by 5%.Moreover, we are also offering an additional rebate of $200 to any merchant who processes $10000 or more during any one of their first three months.

AMS is also offering the Authorize.Net payment processing gateway absolutely free with the Internet merchant package 4. Authorize.net is the best online payment gateway and both efficient and secure. Other than this, we are also offering our clients the liberty to accept our services with having to sign expensive contracts or pay hefty cancellation fees. You can apply for an Internet merchant account with AMS, by calling us on our toll free number or by applying online. To know more about our services, do visit us at www.merchantaccounts.co.


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