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Credit Card Processing for Internet Shopping Carts

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Credit Card Processing for Internet Shopping Carts

Credit card processing is the process of getting the authorization of a credit card purchase when ordering online. Credit card p rocessing online usually involves a payment gateway, a merchant account, and a credit card processing company. Processing of credit cards require many equipments and software. Equipments may include credit card machines, keypads or computers and software’s used will depend on the type of merchant account, the type of products sold and the compatibility of the web site.

Many types of technologically advanced credit card machines are available these days that run programs to accept credit cards, accept debit cards, accept checks and ATM cards. Some also check guarantee, check verification and check truncation. Most are compact with built-in printer and capable of supporting the many technologically advanced credit card processing applications of merchant accounts such as credit cards, debit cards, checks, electronic transfers, phone cards, and smart cards. Modern credit card processing machines can be used in both retail and electronic environment to accept credit cards. When in a retail environment, the credit card may be swiped in the credit card machine, but it also has a keypad enabling manual keying of credit card numbers for Internet or e-commerce merchant accounts.

A shopping cart is the software used as a company website interface for online business. It is used as an online store, catalog and ordering mechanism. It allows clients to select products, review, modify, add and purchase online. Shopping carts may be sold as independent pieces of software so that companies can integrate them into their websites or they can come as a feature from a merchant accounts service.

Most commercially available shopping carts will have configuration settings that permit a number of gateway choices. The payment gateway checks the validity of the card and processes the transaction. In order that your shopping cart can work seamlessly with the payment gateway, a connection is established between the two. Since each connection is different, carts usually support a limited number of payment gateways. Although most support more than one gateway, the choice of payment gateways will be limited by the shopping cart you use. For your business, you need to choose a merchant account that works with both i.e. your payment gateway and your shopping cart.

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