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Authorize.net Payment Processing Gateway

Offering the lowest price on the Authorize.net payment gateway.
Processing rates starting at 2.19% plus $0.25 per transaction $8/month statement fee, $10/month gateway fee
See below for complete details and pricing information.

All Internet Account Qualify for the following Pricing Packages.
Package #1 - 1.89% Processing Rate  >> Internet Merchant Account Rates and Fees
Package #2 - Free Authorize.net  >> Internet Merchant Account Rates and Fees
Package #3 - 2.19% Processing Rate  >> Internet Merchant Account Rates and Fees
Package #4 - NO Monthly Minimum Fees    >> Internet Merchant Account Rates and Fees

Get a FREE Authorize.net payment gateway with our Internet package 4 !
Purchase: $29

Authorize.net Payment Gateway Spotlight Features

  • Real-time credit card and electronic check processing right on your website
  • Process transactions by hand using virtual terminal feature
  • Recurring billing function that will automate your processing
  • Utilizes the latest SSL secure sockets technology to ensure transactions are safe
  • Will connect to over 190 shopping cart systems
  • Supports security features like Address Verification and Card Verification Value

Authorize.net Real-Time WebLink Online Processing

Now you can accept orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! When your customers are ready to order, all they have to do is click on an order button that you've put on your website. They will then be brought to a secure order page that will ask them to input necessary information. After the order is complete, both you and your customer will receive a confirmation by e-mail. The customer will also see a confirmation page after completing their order.

Configuring WebLink is a breeze. There is no need to learn cgi programming or HTML. Within just a short time you can have your order page in place and ready for use. In addition, you have access to 24 hour technical support that will guide you through the setup stages.

Once the transaction is complete, funds will show up in your business checking account in just 2 to 3 business days.

Take an On-line Tour

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Manual Processing with Virtual Terminal

The Authorize.Net virtual terminal is a great option to use when you receive credit card information over the phone or by mail. You simply login securely using any computer that connects to the Internet (no software to install). Once logged in, just entered in the necessary information to process the transaction. Once complete, you'll be provided with a confirmation page. In addition to processing credit cards, you can also issue credits, and schedule recurring billing. The virtual terminal also has reporting features built-in.

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