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Hypercom Optimum T4100

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Hypercom Optimum 4100

The Hypercom Optimum T4100 is a great machine to use with either an AMS retail merchant account or mail order merchant account.

Debit rates starting as low as 1.29% for swiped transactions and 1.89% for keyed.
There are no contracts or cancellation fees with any AMS merchant account.

Purchase: $385
AMS is only able to offer our extremely low terminal pricing to customers who sign up for our cost saving merchant account. Call an experienced AMS sales representative to receive a FREE rate quote today!

Spotlight Features
  • Easily supports applications for both dial and IP/SSL
  • Adaptive multiple application architecture
  • Powerful Intel® XScale® 32-bit processor delivers fastest transaction times in the industry - dial or IP
  • 24MB of memory to support more value-added applications than any other terminal
    2" or 3" printer handles text and graphics at an industry-leading 18 lines per second
  • Secured by RSA
    "One touch" capability for daily functions
  • Fastest downloads, dial or IP
  • Fewer keystrokes to deploy than any other terminal via revolutionary user interface
  • Complete IP diagnostic application simplifies support and installation
  • Integrated PIN Pad

Processing Capabilities:

  • Credit Cards
  • Debit Cards
  • Private-label Cards
  • Check Guarantee
Equipment Add-On's
Hypercom S9 Hypercom S9
Only $137

The Optimum T4100 is truly unique for our industry - the first terminal that cost-effectively combines performance, security, reliability, and ease of use. These elements are the cornerstone of our Optimum family.

Cost Effective:

  • Fast downloads and transactions via an integrated 56K modem or secure Ethernet connection reduces communications costs and downtime
  • Wizard-style user interface with an embedded help system for terminal configuration allows for faster and more accurate terminal deployment
  • Real investment protection through 24MB memory, PKI security designed in conjunction with RSA, Inc., 32-bit Intel XScale processor, fast graphic printer and Adaptive Application Environment (AAE)
  • Integrated IP diagnostic application with an embedded help system assists in effective installation and troubleshooting while reducing the number of help desk calls and terminal replacements


  • Supports dial and IP applications simultaneously in one terminal
  • Full featured, secure terminal management system including local or web-based options
  • 18 lps SureLoadT printer is powerful enough to print graphics and barcodes effortlessly
  • Provides option of using either a single application with embedded rich features and functions and value-added applications, or independent application modules, allowing you to perform multi-application loads to multiple sources in a single command


  • Protection against unauthorized applications and external attacks via our advanced POS PKI designed with RSA, Inc.
  • Intelligent memory protection which provides a stable environment where applications can interact with each other safely and efficiently
  • True SSL transactions powered by the Intel XScale 32-bit processor are the fastest and most secure in the industry, and eliminates the security compromise of open sessions

Whether you're looking for a reliable payment terminal, an innovative value-add technology, or complete electronic transaction management system, Hypercom can deliver. Our product portfolio ranges from basic credit authorization to full transaction transport and more. Hypercom is more than a one-stop shop for payment terminals, it's a provider of complete, end-to-end transaction solutions that expand the possibilities at the POS in ways that translate to greater profits

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