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Nurit 8320

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Lipman Nurit 8320

Get the best value for your money with a brand new Nurit 8320 from Lipman. Own it today at the best possible price on the internet and receive one of a kind extras simply not offered else where. Now you truly have found the best possible deal for your business!

Debit rates starting as low as 1.29% plus a free extended warranty offer

There are to many perks to list here. Please see our online signup form for complete details and be sure to ask your AMS rep about our $200 exclusive cash rebate offer!

Purchase: $339
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Spotlight Features
  • Small footprint saves valuable counter space
  • Automatic paper feed makes installing paper easy
  • Highly visible backlit LCD display w/extra large typeface
  • Account Truncation: Prints only the last four digits of the cardholders credit
    card account number on the customer copy of transaction receipt
  • Fully functional training and demonstration mode
  • Exceptionally user-friendly keyboard and menu system
  • Supports credit, debit, check guarantee, EBT, pre-paid phone cards,
    cash tracking, gift cards, and tip programs
  • 60-days of batch history memory reports available
  • Low-cost, all-in-one highly reliable POS terminal solution
  • Multiple Merchant Accounts: Up to nine merchants at one location can share one Nurit 8320,
    or one merchant can use to maintain up several separate businesses or types of merchant accounts
  • Batch Store and Forward Support: For use in very quick quick service environments to
    increase transaction speed or for use when no phone line is available
  • Pre-dial call increases individual transaction speed
  • As a compact, all-in-one countertop POS, the NURIT 8320 is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses. Exceptionally secure, reliable and easy-to-handle, this flexible unit includes a secure internal PIN Pad, high speed modem, and quiet fast thermal printer, as well as magnetic card swipe, Smart Card reader, and privacy shield. Retailers with frequent PIN transactions may prefer the convenient option of a terminal plus external PIN Pad.